My Living Water provides a total water upgrade solution with premium quality active hydrogen alkaline water ionizers and adjacent filtration systems for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™ is a revolutionary technology that produces the highest grade of active hydrogen alkaline water through the most efficient ionization process in the world today. Not only that, all of our HˉDDI Ionizers are economically priced to enable this health-transforming water produced from an advanced ionization technology accessible to everyone.

Our selections of water ionizers:

HˉDDI™ Premium is best for family and home use with more frequent users thanks to its higher capacity and wider selection of pH range for different purposes. Read more

HˉDDI™ Hybrid is best for upgrading your existing water filtration system and best fit limited kitchen space thanks to its compact size. And its entry level price offers you greater affordability! Read more

HˉDDI™ Portable is best for places without a pantry or kitchen (bedroom, living room, office) and also for frequent business travelers (hotel room, service apartments, etc.) thanks to its light weight and simple set-up features. Read more

Our adjacent filtration system selections:
To offer you a total water solution for your home and workplace, My Living Water Ultra Membrane System and Pre-Filters provide you an access to cleaner, clearer and safer water!