Anti-Oxidant & Detoxification

“Ionized alkaline water is the most powerful anti-oxidant and toxins remover!”
In today’s modern lifestyle, we are frequently exposed to a number of factors that not only dehydrate us but also increase the free radicals in our body. Such factors include cigarette smoke, caffeine, oily food, alcohol, extreme weather and so forth, which affect our health and speed up our aging process. If you face any of the above mentioned lifestyle issues, a regular intake of ionized alkaline water can significantly improve your health as it provides you the anti-oxidants your body needs to address health problems created by free radicals. Ionized Alkaline Water is rich in negative Hydrogen ions (H-) and electrons / negative ions (e-), the most power anti-oxidants which helps to counter the free radicals in your body. Ionized alkaline water is rich in hexagonal structured small water clusters that facilitate nutrients transportation and toxins removal from your body. It is also rich in dissolved oxygen that greatly fuels your metabolism and improves your cells function. In a nutshell, ionized alkaline water reduces your chances of getting illnesses, offering you a holistic health approach!