Energy & Stamina Enhancing

Ionized alkaline water offers various health benefits such as promoting anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect, balancing your body’s pH and hydrating your body more effectively. It also stimulates metabolism, improving cells function and removing toxins from your body. All these health benefits will greatly boost your energy level, allowing you to perform better physiologically and mentally in aspects of work, study, and sports.

Ionized alkaline water helps to improve athletes’ performance!

Several studies have been conducted on sports professionals and the outcome has shown that even mild dehydration lower their performance. The physical and mental stress faced by athletes during their training and competition make it even more important for them to stay hydrated.

The higher pH of ionized alkaline water neutralizes the buildup of lactic acid (acidosis) stimulated by exercise. Besides, ionized alkaline water acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to free radicals which in turn reduces the issue of accelerated oxygen consumption.

Ionized alkaline water increases the oxygen level in the blood. This improves stamina and supply the organs, muscles and tissue with a greater amount of oxygen. Thanks to the micro-cluster feature of ionized alkaline water, it helps your body absorb water at a faster rate for a more efficient re-hydration.