Healing Effects

A great amount of studies found that maintaining a healthy body pH level (between 6.9 and 7.2) fosters a favourable environment inside the body that helps to reduce risks of getting diseases. Yes, ionized alkaline water has a powerful healing effect! Cancer survives in acidic environment, whereas alkaline environment helps to reduce cancer survival rate. When normal human cells gradually degenerates and the accumulation of acidic waste in the body continues to increase, cancer cell will continue to transform genetically and will keep growing to survive in acidic surroundings. Although cancer cells can be removed through surgery, chances of recurrence are high due to acidic surroundings in the body. Hence, to prevent the risk of cancer recurrence, you can prevent acidosis or build up of acidic environment in your body by having a healthy routine. Having a healthy diet, relieving stress, living in healthy surroundings, exercising regularly are usually the general recommended routines, but drinking ionized alkaline water regularly every day is also one of the simple ways to prevent cancer recurrence. In fact, simply changing your water choice to active hydrogen alkaline water is your first step to a healthier you. In short, ionized alkaline water helps to improve your body health conditions by promoting a more alkaline environment in your body and thus, providing a better healing effect!