Healthier Home

Ionized Alkaline Water is Essential for Every Household and HˉDDI Ionizer makes it easily accessible, anywhere, anytime!

Ionized alkaline water is essential for every household because it promotes an overall healthier living.

“Ionized alkaline water hydrates your body more effectively than conventional water!”
Every single cell and organ in your body needs water to function which is why keeping your body sufficiently hydrated is crucial for your body to function properly. However, drinking more does not necessarily guarantee proper hydration. Therefore, drinking the right quality of water assists deeper hydration through your body. Ionized alkaline water is rich in hexagonal structured small water clusters that facilitate nutrients transportation and toxins removal from your body. It is also rich in dissolved oxygen which greatly fuels your metabolism and improves your cells function. Thus, ionized alkaline water is a holistic approach to a better health.

“Ionized alkaline water makes your cooking tastier and more nutritious!”
Good news for moms and wives! Whether you are a full-time or part-time housewife, cooking seems to be part of the “daily job description”. And cooking a hearty and lip-smacking meal for your family proves to be a challenging task. Cooking with ionized alkaline water not only improves the taste, but also enhances the nutritional value of food as hexagonal structured micro-clusters ionized alkaline water allows better permeability.

“Ionized acidic water helps to free your food from harmful bacteria and chemicals!”
You can clean and wash your food with acidic water to remove any harmful bacteria or chemicals such as pesticides.

“Ionized acidic water sterilizes your baby’s bottle, pacifier and toys!”
Taking care of babies and toddlers is a tedious task, especially when it comes to taking care of their health and hygiene. Sterilizing baby’s bottle, pacifier and teething rings several times a day on a long-term basis can be a tiring job.
With the ionized acidic water produced from our HˉDDI ionizer, you can easily sterilize your baby’s bottle, pacifier and toys with a simple rinse. It’s time-saving, simple, natural and safe!

“Ionized Acidic Water disinfects your home from harmful bacteria!”

It keeps your kitchen and cutlery bacteria-free. Ensuring that your kitchen is bacteria-free is really important as it is the place where you prepare and cook your food for your family, especially when you have young kids who generally have lower immunity than adults.
It helps to protect your kids from harmful bacteria. Keeping the rest of your home such as washroom, bedroom, dining and living areas clean and hygienic is equally important, especially if you have a baby or toddler at home. The little one tends to pick up toys or pacifier from the floor and put it into their mouth without thinking twice, especially during teething period. This is how ionized acidic water plays its crucial part in sanitizing your home. You can practically clean your home with ionized acidic water to sanitize it from any harmful bacteria. No chemical cleaner is needed, and it helps to save some household costs too.

“Ionized Acidic Water rejuvenates your skin!”

You can reduce some of your spending on pricey cosmetics and firming cream as you can use the ionized acidic water for a thorough face wash which also acts as a natural astringent that firm up your skin. What’s more, ionized acidic water can also act as natural face mist — simply spray it on your face regularly to retain your skin moisture.

“Ionized Acidic Water also acts as a natural antiseptic!”
Don’t worry if you forgot to replenish your first-aid kit with disinfectant. You can spray the ionized acidic water onto a wound to disinfect it and speed up the healing process.