Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Ionized Active Hydrogen Alkaline Water?

A1: Water ionization is a process where the water gains or loses its electrons. After ionization, the water becomes either alkaline or acidic, meaning that the pH (measurement of the acidic or alkaline level) has been adjusted.

Q2: How does a regular water ionizer produce alkaline water?

A2: Generally, water is ionized when it runs through the positive and negative electrodes. It is then separated into alkaline and acidic water as it goes through the membranes.

Q3: Why is regular consumption of active hydrogen alkaline water good for health?

A3: Regular intake of active hydrogen alkaline water is good for health because:

• It keeps your body more hydrated as compared to conventional water
80% of our body is composed of water and therefore it needs water to function properly as well as to promote a better health. This is why water is considered as the source of life and the most powerful holistic healing substance ever! Hence, drinking the right quality of water such as ionized alkaline water is a holistic approach to a better health.

Ionized alkaline water is made up in hexagonal structured small water clusters that facilitate nutrients transportation and toxins removal from your body. It is also rich in dissolved oxygen that greatly fuels your metabolism and improve your cells function.

• It counter-balances your unhealthy but unavoidable lifestyle
In today’s modern lifestyle, we are frequently exposed to a number of factors that not only dehydrate us but also increase the free radicals in our body. Such factors include cigarette smoke, caffeine, oily food, alcohol, extreme weather and so forth, which affect our health and speed up our aging process. If you face any of these lifestyle issues which affect your health, a regular intake of ionized alkaline water can significantly improve your health while providing you an anti-aging effect.

• It is the most powerful anti-oxidant
It is rich in negative Hydrogen ions (H-) and electrons / negative ions (e-), the most powerful anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help to counter the free radicals in our body. Thus, it reduces our chances of getting illnesses and gives us a holistic anti-aging effect.

• It helps to restore pH balance in your body
Most of our diet is often extremely acidic. For instance, soft drinks, fast foods and processed foods increase acid waste in our bodies which would build up over time, creating an ideal environment for diseases of all kinds to thrive. Ionized alkaline water with an effective and safe pH 9.5 level helps to restore pH balance in your body, hence improving your health.

Q4: Why does the ionized alkaline water look cloudy?

A4: The HˉDDI ionized alkaline water looks cloudy due to the tiny bubbles resulted from the ionization process, which also indicates the presence of active hydrogen.

Q5: How does ionized active hydrogen alkaline water taste compared to other types of conventional water?

A5: A popular remark from most of those who drink ionized active hydrogen alkaline water is that it tastes smoother than conventional water. The smoother taste of ionized active hydrogen alkaline water is due to its smaller molecule cluster size which is also arranged in a regular shape.

Q6: Is there any negative effect associated with the consumption of alkaline water?

A6: There is absolutely NO NEGATIVE EFFECT associated with the consumption of alkaline water.

Q7: Is the consumption of ionized alkaline water appropriate for people of all ages?

A7: Generally, anyone above 1 year old can consume ionized alkaline water.

Q8: Can I take ionized alkaline water with any types of medicine?

8: Ionized alkaline water can be taken with medication such as those for common cold, flu, cough and sore throat. In fact, with its small water clusters and active hydrogen, our HˉDDI ionized alkaline water acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that can speed up the healing process, allowing you to recover from your sickness at a quicker rate. However, if you are on any medication course for a longer term such as those prescribed for chronic diseases, it is advisable that you seek consultation from your doctor if you have any concern.

Q9: How does ionized alkaline water benefits athletes?

A9: Ionized alkaline water increases the oxygen level in the blood which improves stamina and supplies the organs and muscle tissues with a greater amount of oxygen, which our body often lacks due to our diet and lifestyle. Proper hydration is required to ensure our body function properly. Owing to the micro-cluster feature of ionized alkaline water, it helps our body to absorb water at a faster rate for more efficient re-hydration.

Since 1940s, several studies have been conducted on sports professionals and the outcome has shown that even mild dehydration lower their performance. The physical and mental stress faced by athletes during their training and competition make it even more important for them to stay hydrated. The higher pH of ionized alkaline water may neutralize the buildup of lactic acid (acidosis) stimulated by exercise. Besides, ionized alkaline water acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to reduce free radicals which in turn reduces the issue of accelerated oxygen consumption.

Q10: Why should I purchase a water ionizer?

A10: As mentioned above, ionized alkaline water offers various health benefits such as promoting anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect, balancing your body’s pH, hydrating your body more effectively, stimulating metabolism, improving cells function and removing toxins from your body. As ionized alkaline water is best consumed when it is freshly produced for optimal health result, hence owning a unit of water ionizer would be the best solution.

Q11: What are the benefits of ionized acidic water?

A11: Some key benefits of ionized acidic water include:

• It helps to rejuvenate your skin

You can use the acidic water for a thorough face wash. It also acts as a natural astringent that firms up your skin.

• It acts as a natural antiseptic

You can spray the acidic water onto a wound to disinfect it and speed up the healing process.

• It cleanses your food from harmful bacteria and chemicals

You can clean and wash your food with acidic water to remove any harmful bacteria or chemicals from them.

• It helps to sanitize your home

You can clean your home with acidic water to sanitize it from any harmful bacteria.

Q12: Can I drink the ionized acidic water?

A12: Ionized acidic water is suitable FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY such as cleaning your food, sanitizing your home, washing your face or disinfecting a wound. It is not advisable for consumers to drink ionized acidic water

Q13: If the ionized alkaline water is filled in a bottle for later use, will there be any effect on the pH level?

A13: Normally, the alkalinity or the pH level will remain unaffected when it is filled in a bottle. However, the level of active hydrogen in the ionized alkaline water will reduce gradually once the bottle is opened for consumption. In addition, exposing the ionized alkaline water to UV light will also cause a quicker loss of active hydrogen it contains, even though the pH level is unaffected.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink the ionized alkaline water immediately or preferably within 72 hours after bottling it. If you need to bottle the ionized alkaline water for travelling, it is encouraged to store it in multiple small bottles so that you could finish it quicker after the bottle is opened.

Q14: Do HˉDDI ionizers require lots of maintenance works?

A14: No. The Direct Disc Ionization Technology™ in all My Living Water H-DDI ionizers allows the products to be free from any calcification henc only very minimal maintenance is required. However, it is recommended that you contact our technical service team once a year for maintenance service.

Q15: When will the water ionizer starts its auto-cleaning process and how long do I have to wait for it to complete its cleaning cycle?

A15: The following are the duration of auto-cleaning process of My Living Water ionizers:

Cleaning Cycle of HˉDDI Portable Water Ionizer:

For every 10 litres of water run through the unit, the water ionizer will start its self-cleaning process. The yellow light on the "Clean" button panel indicates the start of the cleaning process along with beeping sound that will last for about 40 seconds. The auto-cleaning process is complete once the beeping sound stops.

Cleaning Cycle of HˉDDI Hybrid Water Ionizer:

For every 12-minute accumulated time of use, the water ionizer will start its self-cleaning process. When the "Cleaning" button light is on, simply turn on the water tap and the cleaning process will begin along with beeping sound that will last for about 40 seconds. The auto-cleaning process is complete once the beeping sound stops and the unit will automatically switch itself back to alkaline mode.

Cleaning Cycle of HˉDDI Premium Water Ionizer:

When the light blinks on your water ionizer (on average, it will happen 1 to 3 times a day), ensure the water flow is turned on so that the water ionizer will perform its cleaning process. During the cleaning process, you will hear beeping sound and the screen will turn into red. Simply allow the water to run for 15 to 30 seconds to let the unit complete its cleaning cycle. Then, you may use the water ionizer as usual by selecting your choice of pH level.

Q16: What is the highest alkaline and acidic level that HˉDDI Premium Ionizer can produce? How much of these high level of acidic and alkaline water be produced at one go?

A16: HˉDDI Premium Ionizer can produce alkaline water with a very high alkalinity, that is, at pH 11.5. It can also produce highly acidic water at pH 2.5. With a small portion of edible salt, or sea salt for better effect (about 80% of the tiny mineral port on the top part of the HˉDDI Premium Ionizer), the H-DDI Premium Ionizer can easily produce about 100 litres of highly acidic and alkaline water appropriate for external use.

(Caution: When filling the edible salt, do not exceed the tiny hole on the mineral port)

Q17: Do I need to use any chemical detergent to clean the mineral port of HˉDDI Premium Ionizer after producing the highly acidic and alkaline water with the Super Oxide function, before turning it back to producing the regular active hydrogen alkaline water at its pre-set pH levels?

A17: Some conventional water ionizers require the use of chemical cleaning products which contain sodium hypochlorite (normally used as bleaching agent which can lead to poisoning) that defeats the purpose of producing healthy drinking water which is supposed to be free of contaminants.

The mineral port of the HˉDDI Premium Water Ionizer merely needs a simple rinse through water WITHOUT using any chemical cleaning products. Just ensure that the substance in the mineral port is thoroughly rinsed off before placing it back to the ionizer to produce the regular active hydrogen alkaline water at its pre-set pH levels.