HˉWater ( Bottled Active Hydrogen Alkaline Water )

Introducing HˉWater, Your Functional Water for a Holistic Health!

Everyone knows that sufficient intake of water is vital to allow the organs in our body to function properly and effectively. However, the more important question we should be asking ourselves instead is, “Am I drinking the right type of water?”

Drinking the right type of water, that is, alkaline water, with the right pH level (pH 9.0) helps you to remove toxins from your body, provide you with a great amount of anti-oxidants to prevent and even reverse damages caused by free radicals. In addition, it also fosters a higher alkalinity environment in your body that promotes cells regeneration for speedy healing and allowing your body to absorb nutrients efficiently. The end result? A holistic health! And Active Hydrogen Alkaline Water, namely HˉWater, is the functional water that will help you gain the holistic health that you desire to achieve.

Why Do You Need HˉWater?

In today’s contemporary lifestyle, it is challenging to stick to a proper health regimen such as regular exercise, sufficient sleep, healthy eating habit, adequate nutritional intake and proper hydration. Moreover, frequent exposure to a number of factors such as cigarette smoke, caffeine, food additives and preservatives, oily and high cholesterol food and extreme weather contributes to dehydration and increases the free radicals in our body, causing many health issues and speed up your aging process.

To help keep your body hydrated throughout your busy day so your body’s system can function at its optimal level, we have made our active hydrogen alkaline water into easy-to-carry bottles for better convenience, especially if you are always on the go! HˉWater is now available in 500 ml and 1,500 ml bottle. The 500 ml HˉWater is also available in 24-bottle cases and 1,500 ml in 12-bottle cases. It provides the most powerful anti-oxidants you need to counter free radical damages and balances your body pH in the most natural, safe and effective way!

About HˉWater

HˉWater is a premium grade active hydrogen alkaline water (with the pH level of 9.0) produced with the cutting-edge water ionization technology patented in Japan and USA. “H” stands for health, healing, hydration, hexagonal water molecules, and hydrogen.

It works as the most powerful anti-oxidant, best toxin remover that balances your body’s pH and boost your health. Now, it comes in bottled form for greater convenience, so you can enjoy the health benefits of HˉWater, anywhere and anytime!

The Secret of HˉWater …

The Secrets behind HˉWater: 6 Beneficial Properties of Active Hydrogen Alkaline Water

1. Rich in negative hydrogen ions (H-) and active hydrogen (H); the smallest yet most powerful anti-oxidant.

2. Rich in natural ionic alkaline minerals such as Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, etc. These ionic minerals can be readily absorbed and utilized by our cells.

3. Rich in dissolved oxygen that fuels metabolism.

4. Rich in electrons (e-) or negative ions with super anti-oxidant action.

5. Natural hexagonal structured small water clusters that serves as the best nutrient carrier and toxins remover.

6. Safe and consistent pH level that helps to restore the proper pH balance in our bodies.

How can HˉWater benefit you?


✓ Works as the most powerful anti-oxidants against free radicals

✓ Works as the most effective toxins removers

✓ Promotes weight loss with its oil or fat emulsification function

✓ Promotes better healing effects by balancing your body’s pH

✓ Promotes better metabolism and improve digestive system

✓ Helps re-hydrating your body effectively with its micro-cluster water feature

✓ Helps in promoting anti-aging effect

✓ Helps increase the lifespan of body cells

✓ Helps enhancing energy and stamina, especially for athletes and sports professionals

Why should you choose HˉWater?

If your ultimate goal is to gain a holistic health from head to toe, it is important that you choose a brand that offers you the safest and the highest quality active hydrogen alkaline water. Therefore, My Living Water offers just what you are looking for. Our bottled active hydrogen alkaline water, namely the “HˉWater”, is guaranteed to offer you the premium quality because:

✓ HˉWater is produced by a manufacturer with proper licensing from the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) and has a halal certification from  

✓ HˉWater is produced through industrial grade Direct Disc Ionization™ technology where its unique membraneless feature ensures pH consistency and quality of
     active hydrogen alkaline water during bulk production.

✓ HˉWater is produced through the Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™ which is patented in over 30 countries around the world including USA, Japan and
     South Korea.
This new technology is able to meet the stringent requirements and standards in the industrial markets.

✓ HˉWater is produced by our manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the production of ionized alkaline water and thus, providing an unparalleled quality
     control of the
ionized alkaline water that it produces, thus adhering to the safety and production standards required.

✓ HˉWater is bottled with BPA-free food grade (PET 1) bottle that prevents chemical leaching and preserves the water quality.

Now that you have been informed of all the benefits of HˉWater, what are you still waiting for?
Kick-start your holistic health regimen now with HˉWater!