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My Living Water Ultra Membrane System (MLW UMS) “PAN Ultra Membrane System for Cleaner and Healthier Water!”

PAN ( Polyacrylonitrile ) Ultra Membrane System acts as a protective barrier that keeps the container from harmful particles when exposed. This allows the water that flows through the filtration system to stay clean and healthy.


1. Durable & Stable PAN Membrane Material is highly durable and stable, even at a very high temperature. Its stability remains the same even in strong oxidation, acidic or alkaline conditions.

2. UV-Resistant PAN Membrane Material is highly resistant to strong UV rays, and hence, MLW UMS Outdoor Filter can withstand hot, sunny weather year round.

3. 99.99% Bacteria-Free & Virus-Free MLW UMS Outdoor Filter has extremely fine membrane pore size of 0.01 μm (micron) and is highly effective in preventing any penetration of harmful particles.

4. Battery Operated Automatic Daily Flushing System With an Automatic Daily Flushing System (auto timer), MLW UMS Outdoor Filter ensures the water that goes into your premises stays clean and clear. It is battery-operated and hence, easy to use. It also promotes low wastage of water flushing.

5. Latest European Technology MLW UMS Outdoor Filter is manufactured with the latest European Technology of the highest standards and best in innovation.

6. Stainless Steel Casing for Anti-Rust Purpose The stainless steel casing of MLW UMS Outdoor Filter helps keep a healthy water storage condition with its ant-rust function. This helps keep your water from rust contamination and make your water taste better.

7. It has a 0.3 NTU for Clean and Clear Water MLW UMS Outdoor Filter has a 0.3 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) means that the water that goes into your home or office stays clean and clear — NO MORE MURKINESS in your drinking water!

8. Faster Water Distribution The Flux M3/hr of MLW UMS Outdoor Filter allows better and faster water distribution.

Own a Unit of MLW UMS Outdoor Filter today!

The MLW UMS Outdoor Filter starts at the affordable price of RM3,990. Now you can easily afford any unit of our H-DDI ionizers with our Easy Payment Plan with a vast choices of instalment term ranging from 12 to 24 months offered by participating banks thus allowing greater payment flexibility fit to your convenience.


 Maximum Casing Pressure  10 Bars
 Nominal Operator Pressure  1-4 Bars
 Operating Method  Cross Flow / Complete Filtration
 Membrane Material  PAN (Polyacrylonitrile)
 Membrane Type  Hydrophilic Double Skin
 Membrane Pore Size  0.01 μm (micron)
 Total Membrane Surface Area  5m²
 Hollow Fibre Membrane Inner Diameter  1.0mm
 Hollow Fibre Membrane Outer Diameter  1.6mm<
 Number of Hollow Fibre  2500pcs
 Dimension of Membrane Module  ø 4.5inch x 36 inch (length)
 Body Material  Stainless Steel 304 Housing and Caps
 Lab Capacity  1,800 - 2,200 litre/hour (Domestic)
 Field Capacity  1,800 - 2,200 litre/hour (Domestic)
 Flushing Mode  Auto timer
 Warranty*  1 year

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