Our mission aims to reach out to a wider demographic of users and providing them more affordable water solutions. In an effort to make it possible for people from all walks of life to enjoy our products and its benefits, we have formed partnerships with several organizations where we are able to increase awareness on water solutions, our products and the brand itself.

Panel Doctors

Our panel of doctors are made up of professional doctors who had years of experience in each of their expertise. We engage these doctors in our partnership to further spread the awareness and benefits of hydrogen water. This partnership is created as we believe that the doctors share the common objectives and goals with us, aiming to provide more solutions to maintaining wellness. From our ethics to quality assurance, we align our brand quality to our panel doctors, as we constantly strive for the best.


Koperasi Kakitangan PETRONAS Berhad, also known as KOPETRO was incorporated under the Cooperative Acts (revised 1993) on 30th October 1980 with a noble intention and objective of providing financial aids for PETRONAS staff. Our partnership with KOPETRO opens doors for more opportunities as we are able to reach out to a mass audience that come from different parts of life. More families will be exposed to our products and aware of the benefits of hydrogen water.


Pertubuhan Doktor-Doktor Islam Malaysia, also known as PERDIM, is an organization made up of Islamic doctors. As of 2017, they have acquire more than 1000 memberships. Our partnership with PERDIM establishes Vie’Water as their exclusive partner for water ionizers, and enable us to share our products with a large association of professionals.