Access to Cleaner, Clearer & Safer Water with MLW Filters!


P.P – Polypropylene
It helps to remove sediments (as fine as 5 micron), rust and soil effectively while maintaining good water flow with its NSF-Compliant P.P – Polypropylene materials. It can perform up to 3,000 litres capacity which can approximately last for 3 months.
GAC – Granulated Activated Carbon
It reduces sediment and scale build-up remarkably while eliminating chlorine, chemicals, bad taste and odour. Its NSF-Compliant Granulated Activated Carbon can perform up to 5,000 litres capacity which can approximately last for 6 months.
Nano Silver GAC
The Nano Silver GAC has a duo function, namely acting as a barrier that prevents bacteria growth and as an agent that reduces chlorine chemicals, bad taste and odour.
In a nutshell, the combination of these 3 unique features (Polypropylene, Granulated Activated Carbon and Nano Silver GAC) has turned MLW Pre-Filters into a comprehensive water pre-filtering system that ensures water that goes into your home or workplace is always cleaner, clearer and safer for consumption.

This anti-bacterial filter is packed with scientifically formulated special blend of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), Silver-Impregnated GAC (Silver GAC) and Calcium Sulfite. The GAC used is of the best grade which is highly effective in the removal of harmful volatile liquid and gases, agricultural and chemical contaminants, heavy metals, etc. In addition, the silver-bonded GAC works effectively to hinder bacteria growth while Calcium Sulfite serves as a powerful Chlorine remover. Thus, it is able to ensure safety and cleanliness while retaining useful minerals in your drinking water. In short, the Internal Filter of HˉDDI Premium is the tool specially designed to complement our long-trusted, top of the range HˉDDI Premium Active Hydrogen Alkaline Water Ionizer providing the best health-giving water for your entire family.

This Anti-Bacterial Submicron with Calcium Sulfite Filter is made of NANA Silver and Grade ‘A’ Activated Carbon Block. It helps to prevent bacteria from growing within the filter. In addition, it also helps to effectively remove harmful chemicals such as Trihalomethanes (THMs), and other radioactive contaminants. In a nutshell, the Internal Filter of HˉDDI Portable is specially designed to complement our revolutionary HˉDDI Portable Active Hydrogen Alkaline Water Ionizer, the first-ever portable water ionizer in Asia, so you and your loved ones can have a better access to not only clean and safe water, but premium quality active hydrogen water, wherever you are and whenever you desire!