Why Us

My Living Water provides a total water upgrade solution with premium quality active hydrogen alkaline water ionizers and adjacent filtration systems for both indoor and outdoor use.

9 Significant Reasons Why You Should Choose My Living Water

1. A Revolutionary Technology Made Available To You
Our Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™ is a revolutionary technology that produces the highest grade of active hydrogen alkaline water through the most efficient ionization process in the world today. And all our HˉDDI Ionizers are economically priced to enable this health transforming ionization technology accessible to everyone. In addition, we also offer a 10-year warranty for our Direct Disc.

• Membraneless Round Disc Totally Eliminates Calcification!
Calcification or calcium build-up is one of the major problems faced by all conventional water ionizers that are equipped with membranes and plate technology. The mineral or calcium build-up clogs the membranes and plates of these conventional ionizers and thus reduces their performance and the consistency of the water quality produced. Not to mention these conventional units also require constant maintenance to keep up their performance.

How can our Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™ solve this calcification issue for you?
The uniqueness of our Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™ lies within its MEMBRANELESS ROUND DISC feature, enabling our HˉDDI water ionizers to totally eliminate calcification!

• The Single Round Disc for 5 Times the Efficiency!
As compared to other conventional ionizers with a 5-Plate System, all our HˉDDI water ionizers with the single round disc feature allows the product to perform 5 times more efficiently without any calcification.

In a nutshell, our Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™ allows our HˉDDI water ionizers to produce active hydrogen alkaline water effectively and efficiently with minimal maintenance.

• Produces Consistent Quality of Ionized Active Hydrogen Alkaline Water
My Living Water HˉDDI water ionizers are able to maintain the consistency of the active hydrogen alkaline water quality thanks to the Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™.

The active hydrogen alkaline water produced by our HˉDDI water ionizers contains these 6 beneficial properties:

I. Rich in negative hydrogen ions (Hˉ) and active hydrogen (H). Hydrogen is the smallest atom yet it is packed with an abundance of natural anti-oxidant.
II. Rich in natural ionic alkaline minerals such as Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, etc. These ionic minerals are readily absorbed and utilised by our cells.
III. Rich in dissolved oxygen which fuels metabolism.
IV. Rich in electrons (eˉ) or negative ions with super anti-oxidant action.
V. Natural hexagonal structured small water clusters that serve as the best nutrient carrier and toxins remover.
VI. Safe and consistent pH level that helps to restore the proper pH balance in our bodies.

2. Smart Design To Fit Your Lifestyle
Aside from smart features and technology, our HˉDDI ionizers are also designed to beautifully fit nicely with the design of any home and workspace.

To match your lifestyle, we offer you 3 exclusive product selections with different smart features to go with your different needs:

HˉDDI Premium is the best for family and home with more frequent users thanks to its higher capacity and wider selection of pH range for different purposes.

HˉDDI Hybrid is the best for upgrading your existing water filtration system and best fit limited kitchen space thanks to its compact size. And its entry level price offers you greater affordability!

HˉDDI Portable is the best for places without a pantry or kitchen (such as bedroom, living room, office) and also for places with frequent business travelers (hotel room, service apartments, etc.) thanks to its light weight and simple set-up features.

3. A Patented Technology & Trusted Brand
Our Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™ is patented in over 30 countries around the world including USA, Japan and South Korea. This new technology is able to meet the stringent requirements and standards in both the consumer and industrial markets.

4. Easy Payment Plan for Greater Affordability
Now you can easily afford any unit of our HˉDDI ionizers with our Easy Payment Plan! We offer you a choice of instalment term ranging from 12 to 24 months, from more than 12 banks, allowing greater payment flexibility according to your convenience.

5. A Committed Support Team

To ensure high quality technical support and service, we are committed to strategically open service centres across Asia with friendly well-trained staff to address all of your technical concerns on a long-term basis.

6. Money Back Guarantee
Backed with over 20 years of experience of our Principal in Taiwan who is also the founder of our Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology™, we are able to provide water filtration and water ionization products of the highest quality at all times. To offer a peace of mind that every consumer needs, My Living Water offers you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee* privilege for all purchases of our HˉDDI ionizers, as our promise to great products’ quality. *Terms & conditions apply

7. Energy Saving
My Living Water HˉDDI water ionizers are energy-saving as they operate with low electrical power consumption. For instance, My Living Water HˉDDI Hybrid Ionizer operates efficiently with power consumption as low as 75 watts while HˉDDI Portable Ionizer and HˉDDI Premium Ionizer only need 80 watts to operate efficiently. In short, with their minimal power consumption, HˉDDI water ionizers can help reduce your electricity cost and save money in the long run.

8. Efficiency & Effectiveness

My Living Water HˉDDI water ionizers with the Direct Disc Ionization Technology™ can achieve consistent Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) level at different flow rate. This allows our HˉDDI water ionizers to function efficiently in producing high quality active hydrogen alkaline water at a faster speed and at a larger capacity.

9. Low Maintenance & Longer Life Span
Generally, calcification (calcium build-up) manifested within the membranes that are located between the plates of conventional water ionizers. In comparison, the unique membraneless feature of our Direct Disc Ionization Technology™ enables our HˉDDI water ionizers to function effectively and efficiently without any calcification. Therefore, My Living Water HˉDDI water ionizers require very minimal maintenance. Furthermore, they have a much longer life span than any other conventional water ionizers.